Rent Index

Rent Index

04 Apr 2024
Rent Index

In Dubai, landlords have the option to request a rent revaluation with RERA if they believe their property warrants a higher rental rate than what is outlined in the revised Rental Index. However, in order to proceed with this request, landlords must now submit a legal order in accordance with the new guidelines set by RERA. This applies to all rent revaluation requests from the 1st of April 2024. Previously, landlords had the option to apply for a rental revaluation to change the current benchmark set by an outdated Rent Index calculator. However, as the Rent Index has been updated recently, landlords now face a more stringent procedure by having to go through the Dubai Rental Dispute Centre to file a case in order to obtain the legal order permitting them to obtain the revaluation.

Simran Khan


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