Family & Matrimonial

Family & Matrimonial

If you are looking for legal advice on from a Family Lawyer on: 

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Child Custody 
  • Domestic violence & Abuse
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements

We are here to help!

Established for almost 30 years in Dubai. We are professional, efficient, approachable and cost-effective. James Berry & Associates has all the expertise you need, right here!

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Take Advantage of our Personal Approach

Because our Family Lawyers work directly with clients to understand their unique situation, we can scale our services to offer more creative and customised approaches.

  • Our Family & Divorce Lawyers have years of experience dealing with all issues relating to divorce, separation, financial allocation, property disputes and matters relating to children.  
  • We have extensive experience in various jurisdictions including UK and UAE.
  • We make it our business to set and manage realistic expectations.
  • We offer affordable and flexible pricing for all our Family Law services.

Separation & Divorce Lawyers

Separating or divorce is never easy, but when couples and their lawyers take a less adversarial approach, the entire family benefits. This is an approach encouraged in many jurisdictions and, where appropriate, we are committed to the practice of collaborative law for resolving family law matters.
When working collaboratively, the parties and their legal representatives agree to resolve all issues of their case without contentious (and costly) court proceedings. They plan together to craft an agreement, only applying to the court to process an agreed form of the divorce petition and to sanction the final consent order. 


Collaborative model for quick & satisfying agreements

The collaborative model is often faster and more “user friendly” than court proceedings. It can help keep channels of communication open between participants, which is vital where there is a continued need to co-parent children. It can also help parties to conclude an agreement which they can live with for the long term. In some instances, the collaborative process is not an option and in such cases we ensure that our clients have competent representation in whichever forum they find themselves litigating.

To get in touch with our team or to book an appointment please click here or send your email to enquiries@jamesberrylaw.ae.


We are also able to provide general advice on divorce in various other jurisdictions* including :


South Africa









*As part of the Mackrell International Network of Lawyers, we can refer you to lawyers in various jurisdictions who can advise and represent you in relation to matrimonial matters.

Dee Popat

  • Head of Family Law Department
  • |
  • Solicitor/Senior Legal Consultant
  • I approached James Berry & Associates with a complicated personal matter - that of divorce. I was put in touch with Family Law Specialist and Senior Legal Counsel, Dee Popat, who immediately empathised with my situation, advised me accordingly, and provided the necessary guidance to navigate the UAE court system. Dee and her team were professional and attentive throughout the process. All aspects of my case were examined in detail and Dee's advice proved to be sound. Thank you to Dee and the James Berry team. 


  • Having recently been successfully guided through the UK Spouse Visa application process by Dee Popat at James Berry Law, I am pleased to provide this recommendation of her service.

    My initial email enquiry to James Berry Law was promptly responded to, with a short fact-finding meeting taking place a few days later with Dee, at which time the visa application process was outlined. I was given an estimate of the time required, cost, required effort on my part, a broad outline of the process and likelihood of success. All these estimates proved to be very accurate.

    Throughout the process Dee and her team anticipated the minor frustrations involved in the application process, were helpful, responsive and a pleasure to interact with; the result has been a feeling of personal attention.

    Overall, the service produced the required result in minimum time – value for money.


    Kerry Wilton


    Kerry Wilton

  • Dear Dee,

    I am now at the end of what is never a great time in life and that is a divorce. At the beginning I was lost how to react as obviously court correspondence is cold and a little intimidating. However thanks to you and your team you guided me through the process. Advising what I should and should not do, how to react to the demands of the system were so important to me as it removed a lot of stress from a stressful process. Your early guidance on the pit falls regarding costs and how to proceed were clearly highly important. You did bring a lot of comfort and a smile to my face when you dealt with the occasional tricky legal points with a clear professional reply quoting other legal precedents that stopped what looked like a major problem for me. Entering a law office is always a bit intimidating but Irene’s smile and offer of a cup of coffee always settled me quickly. Now I move on in life with new challenges ahead but with a clear path thanks to your amazing professional support. I wish you and the team all the very best for the future.

    Finally thank you for the very professional work and support.

    S.D- Divorce Client

  • Thank you Dee for your excellent service in achieving the positive result in respect of my spouse visa application to the UK.  I would anytime recommend you and give you 5 star for your guidance and advise.

    With Much appreciation.  S Aromoohan 

    S Aromoohan

  • We asked Ms Popat to assist in organising our application for my wife’s UK spouse visa. We felt it would be a stressful process and wanted to have an experienced UK solicitor on our side to give us the best chance of obtaining the visa as quickly as possible.  Ms Popat was most diligent in organising and collating all the information we needed to submit, helped us complete the form, provided insight and advice regarding presenting information in the right way and importantly laid out the excellent organisation of our documents and additional pertinent information on a very clear covering letter. We feel her efforts were pivotal in our very swift and successful application. Highly recommended.”


  • Two years ago I had occasion to use the family law department. Despite my documents being lost by another law firm, Irene, a legal secretary with James Berry Associates, went above and beyond what would normally be expected of her. My documents were retrieved due to her tenacity and professionalism.

    Julie Day

  • I worked with Dee during 2014 for my divorce. For what is a stressful situation, I was given clear and professional advice, together with guidance on the various options available to me. This helped me to reach a speedy and satisfactory conclusion, with a minimum of stress.

    Andy Gibbins

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