Privacy Policy

If you have provided us with your details in the past, or signed up for our newsletter, we may hold limited personal information about you. We also hold data collected from other sources, such as delegate lists from the conferences we have participated in, or social media platforms, or other publicly accessible databases.

We hold such data for the sole purpose of providing you with select insights, newsflashes, newsletters, personal invitations to our events and similar email correspondence. We always treat the personal data we hold with the utmost respect, and it is held and processed exclusively for the purposes described above.

Your data may be shared with third parties such as our website host, our email delivery system, or other parties who provide these types of services to our firm or if we are required to share these by law. We never give your details to third parties for their own use or for reasons that do not fall within the scope of this policy.

Should you wish to update your details, please write to

How do we define personal data?

We consider ‘personal data’ to be information specific to an individual. Our system predominantly holds names, address or city where you are based (we hold this data in order to send location-specific mailings or invitations) and your email address for sending electronic correspondence.

How do we use the personal data we hold centrally?

We are continually looking to improve the quality of our service offering and to ensure any communications are of relevance and interest to our audience. To do this, we review and analyse data collected from the sending of our communications.

Should you chose to unsubscribe at any moment, your data will no longer be part of this analysis.

Does our website use cookies?

Our website is continually evolving as we aim to ensure it best serves the interests of our users. To help us achieve this, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files of data sent to your computer by a web server when you view websites. Most websites use cookies. In our case, we use cookies to compile anonymous, accumulated data that allows us to analyse how people use our website. We in turn use this information to improve our user experience and content. Our website is optimised for users viewing the website with cookies on, but you can turn cookies off in your web browser at any time, if you choose to do so.