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Cookie Statement

Our website is continually evolving as we aim to ensure it best serves the interests of our users. To help us achieve this, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files of data sent to your computer by a web server when you view websites. Most websites use cookies. In our case, we use cookies to compile anonymous, accumulated data that allows us to analyse how people use our website. We in turn use this information to improve our user experience and content. Our website is optimised for users viewing the website with cookies on, but you can turn cookies off in your web browser at any time, if you choose to do so.  This policy is intended to inform you about what cookies are; what the cookies we use are for and to help provide you options on how to manage or delete them.

You can find more information about cookies at http://www.whatarecookies.com/

Below is a list of the types of cookies that we would like to use on our websites.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the websites to work, and enable you to move around the websites and use the services and features. Disabling these cookies will reduce performance and may make these services and features unavailable. Strictly Necessary Cookies are used to collect session ID and authentication data. They are “session” cookies, which expire when you close your browser session.

Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies allow the websites to help maintain your session and remember the choices you made in order to provide functionality for your benefit. Functional Cookies are used to collect information about your language preferences and other preferences indicated during your visit. For example, functional “session” cookies allow the websites to remember settings specific to you (such as, your country selection) which ultimately improves your web experience. Functional Cookies also include persistent cookies which are used to remember your preferences when you subsequently visit.

Analytic Cookies

Analytic Cookies are used to gather statistics about the use of the websites in order to improve the performance and design of our services. For these purposes, Analytic Cookies collect information about your device type, operating system type, browser type, domain, other system settings, IP address, referring URLs, information on actions taken on the websites and the dates and times of your visits, as well as the country and time zone in which your device is located.

These cookies are provided by our third-party analytics tool provider (Google Analytics) and the information obtained through these cookies will be disclosed to, or collected directly by, this third-party service provider. For more information about Google Analytics' cookie and information practices (including the types of cookies used and their expiration date), please visit the link below:

Google Analytics

What cookies does James Berry & Associates Legal Consultants use?

  • CrazyEgg
    • CrazyEgg provides visualization of visits to your website.
  • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers.
  • Google Conversion Tracking
    • This free tool in AdWords can show you what happens after customers click your ad (for example, whether they purchased your product, called from a mobile phone or downloaded your app)
  • Facebook Pixel
    • Facebook Pixel is Facebooks conversion tracking system for ads on Facebook to websites.
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking
    • Conversion tracking functionality from Facebook, allows a user to track advertisement clicks.
  • Google Remarketing
    • Google code specifically for remarketing/retargeting based advertising.
  • DoubleClick.Net
    • DoubleClick enables agencies, marketers and publishers to work together successfully and profit from their digital marketing investments.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
    • Custom Audiences from your website makes it possible to reach people who visit your website and deliver the right message to them on Facebook.


By using our websites you agree that, unless you have set your device's browser to reject them, we can place the types of cookies set out above on your device, and use that data in accordance with this policy.

How to control cookies

You can control which cookies you want to be stored on your computer through the settings in your web browser. You can configure your browser to accept or reject certain or all cookies, as well as see what cookies have been set.

The "Help" menu in the toolbar of most web browsers will tell you how to change your browser's cookie settings, including how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie and how to disable cookies altogether. Below is some helpful guidance about how to make these changes.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and you wish to block our website cookies, you can perform the following actions:

1. On your browser tools menu, select 'Internet Options'
2. Click on the 'Privacy' tab and then on the 'Sites' button
3. Type into the 'Address of website' field: www.jamesberrylaw.com
4. Click on the 'Block' button
5. Click on the OK button

Other browsers

Guidance on how to block website cookies on other browsers can be found below:

More detailed information on disabling cookies can be found at www.allaboutcookies.org/. However, please note that if you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including, for example, Strictly Necessary Cookies) you may not be able to access all or parts of our websites.

If you have a specific cookie query, please contact us at enquiries@jamesberrylaw.ae.

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