About Us

James Berry & Associates is a leading independent law firm located in Dubai for 35 years, and a member of the Mackrell International Legal Network. Working with our other network member law firms enables us to provide global legal support for our clients, whilst maintaining the “independent” and “local” aspects in each jurisdiction.

Our Managing Partner’s Message

As one of the longest established law firms in Dubai and located in the heart of the city, James Berry & Associates has earned a reputation for probity, discretion, professional excellence and the ability to listen – a rare commodity.

What makes us different is that we focus a lot on the client’s frame of mind at the beginning and at the end of the legal process. Nothing pleases us more than to hear positive feedback from our clients when the job is done. As Dubai progresses and develops further as a regional business hub, our objective is to stay at the forefront and to ensure that our clients embark on their projects, or deal with legal challenges, with the benefit of both local knowledge and international expertise at the highest level.

James B. Berry

Managing Partner

Our Pledge

Our aim is to ensure that our client’s experience of working with us is one of complete satisfaction. Many of our clients are indeed friends and colleagues of existing clients, who have been referred to us with confidence. We strive to ensure a completely satisfactory service and work with our clients to safeguard their best interests and at the same time provide straightforward and practical legal advice.

Our Affiliations

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