Intellectual Property

Registration of Trademark, Patent, and Copyrights

Protecting your company’s identity, inventions, and creative work is crucial. Our team makes the sometimes hassle-filled registration process simple and straightforward. Registering your Intellectual Property with the Ministry of Economy’s IP Office is a breeze with the right advice and guidance.

Intellectual Property is basically divided into two:

Industrial Property: patents for inventions, industrial, trademarks, service marks, layout-designs, geographical indications and protection against unfair competition.

Copyright: literary and artistic works such as books, music, paintings and sculptures, films and technology-based works (such as computer programs and electronic databases).

Contact our IP team and we shall help you register your trademark or patent in the UAE.

Renewal of Registered Intellectual Property

Don’t let your IP protection lapse! Our team ensures timely renewal of your registered Intellectual Property, keeping you safe from competitors using your mark. From trademarks to patents, we’ve got your renewal needs covered.

It is common for clients to register their trademark in the country and then forget about renewing the same. A Trademark is normally registered for a period of 10 years and has to be renewed if it is still being used.

Likewise, it is important for the Annuity Payments or maintenance fees related to the patents to be paid to the respective patent offices to maintain the granted patent. This is normally 20 years but can vary from country to country.

Regularly, we see clients register their trademark in the region and then forget to renew after 10 years passes. If you are still using your trademark, we can help you through the renewal process, updating annuity payments and maintenance fees. Consult with one of our legal advisors today to eliminate the potential risks associated with patenting.

Recording Assignment Agreements

Your company’s IP is a valuable asset, and proper assignment is key during takeovers. Our team handles the assignment of IP to the rightful owner promptly, ensuring a seamless transition.

Your Intellectual Property is your asset that is strategic to your business. You can transfer or assign all the exclusive rights to your patented invention, registered trademark or copyrighted work to another person or legal entity and through a proper contract or agreement you can be assured that all the relevant aspects are properly covered and registered with the regulatory authorities.

Intellectual property is a strategic asset to your business. Transfer, assign or share the exclusive rights to your patented invention, trademark or copyrighted work with another person or legal entity. To do so, official contracts and agreements are fundamental to ensure the assets are covered and registered with the regulatory authorities.

Have an IP-related query? Feel free to reach out, and our team will assist you promptly!

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