Mergers and Acquisitions in Dubai

Mergers and Acquisitions in Dubai


Sale of a Dubai LLC to a larger construction company

We recently completed the sale of a Dubai LLC to a larger construction company.

This was a complex transaction, in which we assisted by;

  • Reviewing and drafting the Heads of Terms
  • Providing support to our client throughout the Due Diligence process carried out by the Buyer
  • Liaising with the clients commercial, financial and accounting team
  • Reviewing and drafting the Sale & Purchase Agreement, which includes the negotiation of the warranties and indemnities required by the Buyer from our client and which will bind our client for a number of years into the future after the completion of the sale
  • The preparation of the Disclosure Letter
  • The completion of the sale itself
  • Post-completion matters

We are available to provide support at all times throughout the transaction, which, from negotiation through to completion, took over six months to complete. This support ranged from not only the required legal documentation and legal procedures, but also to assisting our client with the negotiation of the terms of the transaction itself.

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