Dubai Foundation for Women & Children and Academy of Law

10 Jul 2017
Dubai Foundation for Women & Children and Academy of Law

On 15th June 2017, our Dee Popat was invited to attend a brainstorming session with the victims of violence at Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC), by Delvin Sumo (Senior Legal Officer) from the Academy of Law. At the session, the residents aired their concerns and indicated areas of the law on which they required more information due to various misconceptions.

Following on from the brainstorming session, Dee Popat and Namratha Sankar attended the DFWAC on 10th July 2017 to deliver a seminar on “Family and Children Matters in the UAE” which included information on the laws affecting women and children and their rights.  The seminar was well attended with staff and residents from the Foundation.  The seminar ended with a question and answer session which saw several residents clarifying their understanding of their entitlements.


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