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Romano Dolbey

Romano Dolbey

  • Head of Wills and Inheritance
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  • Wills and Inheritance
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Romano Dolbey, Legal Consultant of the Wills and Inheritance Division is an LPC compliant Admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. 





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  • Update your Will – The Deleterious Effects of Stagnation

    13 Mar 2023

    While the enactment of Federal Decree – Law No. (41) Of 2022 On Civil Personal Status inheritance has altered the channels of inheritance for non-Muslim residents, the procedure following a death remains unchanged, unless indicated otherwise by the relevant authority.

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  • Death of a loved one (Ex-patriate) and related legal Issues in UAE

    06 Feb 2023

    The passing of a loved one is an emotional time, and during this difficult period, one needs to ensure that the legal and formal requirements following the death are adhered to at each stage. In the UAE, the procedures differ depending on whether your loved one passed away at home, in hospital or elsewhere.

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  • Janu-Worry: Corporate Assets and Inheritance

    16 Jan 2023

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  • 2023 Changes to Inheritance Law – Federal Decree – Law No. (41) of 2022 On Civil Personal Status

    12 Dec 2022

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  • International Property Protection

    29 Nov 2022

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    04 Nov 2022

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    23 Aug 2022

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  • Romano is a Legal Consultant in the Wills and Inheritance department at James Berry and Associates Legal Consultants. Prior to this position, he gained extensive experience across various fields of law while working for law firms in South Africa and the UAE. Romano has experience in Wills and Inheritance, Contracts, Family Law, Third-Party Claims, and General Litigation. Romano grew up moving back and forth between the borders of the UAE and South Africa, and has gained a wide understanding of legal issues on an international level. Romano is an LPC Compliant Admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and holds an LLB from the University of South Africa. He studied law at The University of South Africa and has been in the UAE for many years. He started his law career in a South African based firm and  and has experience in a broad range of legal topics.


    • University of South Africa (LLB)

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