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JBA has provided legal advice for our company in a wide range of situations and our company has found this firm to be one of the best to work with in many ways. No one looks forward to being involved in any law suits, but having the right legal team that will look out for our company’s best interest is exactly what we need; the team at JBA completely fulfills this essential need.  The honest, transparent and reliable information provided by JBA with regard to employment law is one of the factors that impresses our company the most. The annual employment law seminars provided by JBA have also been some of the most informative and helpful seminars we have attended.  With the legal guidance of JBA, our company is able to handle the matters at hand and move on with other business. 


James Berry and Associates and specifically Aqsa Khan have been very supportive in my employment matter. Aqsa has always been very responsive to my questions and has been providing me with the best advice. From this experience, I have decided to retain Aqsa as my employment lawyer moving forward in my future employment related matters.


Hi James, Deepa and Aqsa,

Congratulation on your growth and the consistently high service levels you have maintained over the 10-years we have worked together.

Your teams guidance in navigating the local UAE business conditions and differences against our existing countries of operation has been invaluable.  As we both have grown James Berry and Associates continues to feel like an extension of us, rather than an outsourced resource.

Deepa and Aqsa are awesome.

Thanks for your recent assistance .

Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell

Aqsa has a strong knowledge of UAE Labour Law and provided clear and honest advice with regards to my options and the likely outcome of each action. I cannot recommend Aqsa enough, she always maintained a strong level of professionalism and responded to my queries quickly.

Employment Client

I would like to thank James Berry & Associates for their excellent legal advice. Company HR matters are always a concern to SMEs with potential litigation as a result of poor internal handling and insufficient processes. Aqsa Khan (JB&A's Employment and Litigation Solicitor) provided us with the expertise and confidence needed to deal with a potentially serious issue. Combining the required gravitas and professionalism with a warm welcome and understanding ear, I can thoroughly recommend James Berry and Associates Legal Consultants to any SME that is dealing with any employment matter, large or small.

Clive Power

JBA recently assisted me with an employment issue I had with my ex-employer and achieved a totally satisfactory result. The staff at JBA are extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone and will not hesitate to call upon their services again in the future'


Roy Hughes, Abu Dhabi


YSC are expanding its global presence into Dubai and, at short notice, Aqsa at James Berry & Associates was able to quickly respond to a time-sensitive request of ours. With very little context, we were provided with helpful and clear guidance. We will certainly be using James Berry & Associates again in the future.

Hanna Wrelton, YSC

    21 May 2017

    This Article only addresses the Ramadan hours for employees based in the UAE and therefore the Ramadan hours for employees based in the DIFC are outside the scope of this Article.

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    15 Jan 2017

    The maternity rights for private sector employees in the UAE are governed by the Federal Law No 8. of 1980 (the ‘UAE Labour Law’).....

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  • En route to a more transparent and flexible UAE Labour market

    31 Dec 2015

    We understand that in the first instance, when making an offer of employment to employees, the employers would enter the key terms of employment, such as the wages, notice period, annual leave, allowances etc, on to the offer letter template. Once the offer letter has been signed by the parties it will need to be filed with the Ministry of Labour. Subsequently the employer would then enter into a standard Ministry of Labour Contract with the employee, and in doing so the employer would need to ensure that the terms contained in the standard Ministry of Labour contract, mirror the terms of the offer letter. The employer will only be able to alter the terms in the standard contract, if the terms are more advantageous to the employee.

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  • A Positive Step-New Anti-Discrimination Law in the UAE

    29 Sep 2015

    A particular provision in the Law, which is likely to have a direct impact on employers is Article 17 of the Law. This Article provides for the joint liability of both the managers/agents/representatives of companies as well as their employees, if an employee commits an offence punishable under this Law. This is quite interesting as this is similar to the concept of vicarious liability found in the Dubai International Financial Centre (‘DIFC’) Employment Laws, whereby an employer may be held vicariously liable for the discriminatory acts of its employees. Given this, it is recommended that all companies and HR Managers review their current Staff Handbooks to ensure compliance with this new Law.

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  • HR Focus: Insurance in life and in death

    01 Sep 2015

    Employers will have to provide to all Employees a basic health coverage plan to with an annual premium between Dh500-Dh700. Residents should feel assured that the minimum basic level of coverage includes GP visits, maternity, essential surgery and medical emergencies. The new law however does not extend to Employee’s dependants and, as such, the responsibility will be on each resident to ensure that his/her sponsored dependants (spouse, children, domestic workers etc) are covered and this will be implemented as part of the visa application process.

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    02 Aug 2015

    The Federal Law No 8. Of 1980 is the legislation that governs UAE Labour Law. Given the huge number of expatriates employed in the UAE, it is significant to know some of the key terms contained in the UAE Labour Law and in many employment contracts and this Article aims to outline some of these.

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  • Education

    • Queen Mary, University of London (Degree in Law LLB (Hons))
    • BPP Law School, London (Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC))

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