Amendments to the UAE Labour Law

Amendments to the UAE Labour Law


In a move to align the public sector and private sector employee benefits and the equal treatment of male and female employees in respect of compensation and parental leave, Federal Decree Law No (6) of 2020 (the Decree) has introduced two amendments to the UAE Labour Law No (8) of 1980 (the Labour Law), as follows:

  1. Parental Leave – a new Article 74 has been inserted in the Labour Law by the Decree which provides an entitlement of five paid days of parental leave to all employees (male and female) in the private sector, including all Free Zones (except the DIFC and ADGM), to be taken within six months of the birth of the child. Article 74 does not affect the maternity leave rights of female employees under Article 30 of the Labour Law, and employees appear to be eligible to the rights under Article 74 immediately after commencement of their employment; and
  2. Equal Pay – Article 32 has been amended by the Decree to clarify that female employees in the private sector, including all Free Zones (except the DIFC and ADGM), are entitled to be paid the same as male employees for the same work or for other work of equivalent value. It is expected that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) will propose the changes required in procedures, limitations and the standards for evaluating “work” and “work equivalent” and the UAE Cabinet will issue a resolution accordingly.

The changes to the Labour Law took effect from 25th September 2020.

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