Hassantuk Programme – Centralised Fire Alarm Systems for Villas

Hassantuk Programme – Centralised Fire Alarm Systems for Villas

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A reminder to all new and existing owners of villas in the UAE (whether you live in the property or are the owner/landlord) – the deadline for installing a centralised fire alarm system and registering the property in the Hassantuk Programme was 1 January 2024, according to UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 61/2020 On the Regulation of the Installation of the Fire Detection Devices in Residential Homes. 

The fire alarm systems must be integrated with the Civil Defence and are monitored 24/7 to assist with quick response times in order to protect lives and properties. The fire alarm systems are completely wireless and a choice of flexible payment plans are available on the website mentioned below. For villas with more than 3 bedrooms, a customised plan with more devices can also be built on the website. 
Registration can be completed at the following link and queries can be addressed by calling their helpline on 800 22 220, or by referring to the Hassantuk mobile application.  
It is not yet clear what the penalties relating to non-compliance will be, but it is highly recommended that if any homeowners haven’t signed up yet, they should do so as soon as possible. Any tenants whose landlords haven’t yet complied, are also urged to contact their landlords as soon as possible to ask for them to comply.

The above is only a guideline and for legal assistance with real estate matters, please click here.

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