My thoughts…. By Dee Popat

My thoughts…. By Dee Popat


In these testing times of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, we must not forget to stay positive. A positive state of mind is not only good for you,  it benefits everyone with whom you come in contact with and can literally change the world. You have the power to control your thoughts and actions.

Your health and wellbeing is your priority and once you are in good health physically and mentally, you can support those around you. Be safe, follow instructions to maintain your wellbeing. There are many newsfeeds, updates and articles but only you have the capacity to realise that you should not always believe everything that you read. Practice all measures that you believe will contribute to your wellbeing. Try and start each day with a calm mind and not automatically turning on the panic mode especially when you read something.

Keep in regular touch with family and friends to let them know that you are thinking about them. Offer support to anyone who needs it and help where you can, remembering that there is only so much you can do to ensure that you are not placing yourself or anyone else at any risk.

  • Meditate / Pray (to assist to calm the mind) – connect with God, speak to him about anything you want, ask for strength and for the wellbeing of the world. I know that not everyone believes in God so if you don’t or cant pray, take some time out in your day to sit quietly and think positive thoughts;
  • Exercise in any form that you are comfortable with (you don’t need any equipment to exercise in your home);
  • Stimulate the mind (by doing something creative – write, draw, paint, create some form of art), sing, play an instrument, dance – only you can release your full potentials;
  • Spend time to prepare food; try new recipes; take time to ensure that that your food and daily intake of nutrients and vitamins are sufficient to maintain a healthy you, a healthy immune system and a healthy family;
  • Speak to or message your family and friends regularly (the conversation does not have to solely revolve around the current world situation);
  • Watch TV (being mindful so as not to engross yourself in all the negative media concerning the pandemic – there are also many positive outputs); watch films or documentaries or comedies or whatever you like as long as it makes you happy;
  • Listen to music – did you know that music can increase happiness, can decrease stress, can assist to improve sleep, elevates your mood and can assist to strengthen your memory and ability to learn;
  • Expand your knowledge- further your education, enhance your understanding on areas that interest you (everything does not need to revolve around the corona virus;

This is a phase……it WILL pass….we WILL be ok ……… we WILL come out of this.

Sending you positive vibes…. Look after yourself and stay safe.

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