Rest in Peace

The position of Wills and Inheritance laws applicable to non-Muslims owning assets in the region was uncertain – that is until 3rd May 2015, when the DIFC opened its doors to the newly created Wills and probate Registry (WPR). For the first time in the MENA region, the DIFC has successfully provided a mechanism which allows non-Muslims to register a Will under internationally-recognised common law principles. 

Whereas the historical position created uncertainty and misconceptions amongst the non-Muslim population as to the succession of their local assets after their demise, the DIFC WPR gives legal certainty for inheritance matters to those who opt-in to the DIFC WPR solution. 

As a result of working closely with the DIFC Courts and by complementing existing UAE laws in this area, the DIFC WPR has provided an innovative solution to non-Muslim expats and investors alike who were perhaps previously reluctant to expand their investment portfolios to local assets as a result of the ambiguous existing local inheritance laws. 

James Berry & Associates are proud to have played a leading part in creating this exciting and ground-breaking new Registry. We can assist with preparing Wills that can be registered with the DIFC WPR to provide you and your family with legal certainty and a cost-effective solution to owning assets in Dubai to ensure that they pass in accordance with your wishes. For further information, please contact