Where There’s a Will – Ramble Round Up

Where There’s a Will – Ramble Round Up

Wills, Estates and Succession Planning

Tasleem Sayani, our resident Wills expert, has provided her expert tips on how to deal with your assets in the case of their death, once you have returned from your honeymoon, in the Ramble Roundup. It is one of those couple to-do’s that a lot of people forget to do. 

You can read the full article here – go to page 38

If you tied the knot recently and want to tick off one of your couple’s to-do list, book a meeting with Tasleem to find out the best options for you to put a Will in place. 

Tasleem Sayani is the Partner and Head of Wills, Estates and Succession at James Berry & Associates, one of the top law firms in Dubai. She has extensive experience in drafting DIFC Wills for clients who wish to safeguard their assets in Dubai and the UAE.