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I approached James Berry & Associates with a personal family matter in the Dubai Courts. Tasleem reviewed our case and advised us on a course of action and a breakdown of costs. Tasleem and her team pursued the case with sensitivity and diligence keeping me updated with proceedings and developed  solutions to overcome all the difficulties (including those presented due to the pandemic) to obtain a very satisfactory outcome with the Court. My family are very grateful for the professionalism and resolve shown by Tasleem and her team.


JBA have guided and assisted many clients of ours in preparing Last Wills and Testaments as well as undertaking probate on behalf of the families of recently deceased clients. I highly recommend James Berry and Associates for your Wills and Probate matters

Financial Adviser, Dubai

Personally, I would like to thank Tasleem Sayani who heads the Wills and Probate Department for her expert guidance and support.

Financial Adviser, Dubai

Thank you so much Namratha and Tasleem. You've been absolute stars - we've been impressed with how organised and dedicated you have been. Thank you!

Jessica and Mark

Thank you for all your help, your office has been most efficient, professional and courteous throughout the will preparation and registration process, you have made it so easy and painless, my wife and I thank you dearly.

Wills Client

Dear Tasleem,

As our wills were filed at the Registry yesterday, we felt on our way home that a weight had been lifted.  

Pam and I are indeed most grateful for your invaluable guidance and it has been a true pleasure dealing with you. We found the whole process to be efficient, professional and carried out in a most friendly way. Our experience with the registry was an equal pleasure and we were grateful to Namratha for being present.

We therefore wish to thank you and Namratha for looking after us so very well.

With kindest regards,

David Hudson

David Hudson

The presentation by Tasleem Sayani, a Partner at law firm James Berry and Associates, who specializes in wills, probate and inheritance  gave a very informative and interesting talk that pointed out how important it is to ensure that a will is in place for everyone to ensure that their wishes are followed in the event of their death and how crucial it is to seek legal, qualified advice rather than hoping that it will all turn out okay – particularly in this region where the complexities of Sharia Law can affect the outcome quite considerably!

Anna Yates, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Mind Solutions



Anna’s full blog can be read at:  https://www.mindsolutions.ae/post/anna-attends-bereavement-in-the-workplace


Anna Yates, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Mind Solutions
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    19 Jan 2022

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    10 Nov 2020

    On Saturday 8th November 2020, a number of the provisions in the Laws relating to Personal Status, Criminal and Civil matters have been amended, with immediate effect, by Presidential Decree.

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  • Covid19 - UAE Wills registration in light of Social Distancing

    21 Jun 2020

    At James Berry & Associates we have experienced an influx of Wills and inheritance enquiries over the last few months. The most common questions enquire as to the possibility of registering local Wills against a backdrop of social distancing and reduced movement around the country in complying with Government-imposed restrictions in place for the safety of all. In this article I shall summarise the measures currently in place for executing local Wills as well as the steps we at James Berry & Associates have taken and continue to take, to ensure our clients can safely and efficiently continue to register Wills.

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    16 Jun 2019

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    24 Feb 2019

    or expatriates in the UAE, the laws and procedures related to wills can be daunting and unclear. The country’s inheritance laws are based on Sharia, which prescribes a fixed share allocation of assets.

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  • Wills Update – 2019

    21 Jan 2019

    The last few years have seen significant developments in the area of Wills and Inheritance matters in the UAE.

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  • Legal Issues and Death in the family

    05 Sep 2018

    Dealing with the death of a loved one is an emotional and harrowing process, and at this difficult time, one needs to ensure that the legal and formal requirements following the death are adhered to at each stage, especially in UAE. The procedures differ depending on whether your loved one passed away at home, in hospital or elsewhere and therefore you should contact the relevant Embassy / Consulate to seek the appropriate advice. It is worth noting that only after the formalities have been completed and the death has been registered with the appropriate authorities in UAE, will you be able to proceed with the funeral arrangements.

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    15 Feb 2017

    Tasleem Sayani was featured in the Ramble Roundup February 2017.

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  • DIFC Wills to now cover RAK-based assets

    19 Dec 2016

    The Dubai International Financial Centre Wills and Probate Registry (DIFC WPR) shall allow assets based in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) to be bequeathed in a Will registered at the DIFC WPR...

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    01 Sep 2015

    Although HR departments may feel under a lot of pressure to pay the final dues to the surviving family at the earliest, this should be done with care and consideration.

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    01 Jul 2015

    Non-Muslim expats can finally lay to rest their doubts surrounding Inheritance laws in Dubai.

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    02 Jun 2014

    Of the many legal services we offer to private clients, Wills and Estate-planning advice is perhaps the most sought-after by the majority of expatriate residents in Dubai.

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    • De Montfort University in Leicester (Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC) (2003)

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