Living, Working and Doing Business in Dubai: Rental laws – Renting for The First Time

Living, Working and Doing Business in Dubai: Rental laws – Renting for The First Time

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This is it!

You have finally arrived onto the shores of our beautiful city of Dubai and now that the visa issues are sorted and you are slowly getting used to the heat, you are being faced with the mammoth task of finding a place to live.

Here are a few important points to bear in mind during your search.

  1. Are you dealing with the landlord?
    This sounds like a given, but a number of people, including me, have fallen foul of the “nice and genuine looking” individual who is ready to let you have an apartment on the cheap, just because they “like” you.  This mistake cost me over AED30,000.00. Therefore do not be fooled. Insist on seeing the Title Deeds of the property you are about to rent and if the name of the owner does not match that of the person who is renting you the property, run!

  2. Are you being overcharged for your rent?
    Due to the high demand for properties in the city, the disparity and hike in rent has been such in recent years that the Land Department of the Government of Dubai has created a rent increase indicator calculator, which enables individuals to also ascertain the price of similar properties in their chosen area. Therefore, to check that you are paying the right price, go to

  3. How will you pay your rent?
    In general, rent in Dubai is paid by cheques which are exchanged with the landlord or the agency at the time of the signature of the rental contract. Some landlords may request for the annual rent to be paid by 1, 2, 3 or 4 cheques. Due to the strict banking/ financial laws in place in Dubai, it is paramount that the cheques that you provide to your landlord have clear funds by the time they are presented to the bank otherwise this may result in criminal proceedings being started against you.

  4. What next?
    Once you have signed your rental contract and provided your payment to the landlord, it is paramount that you decide whom will be making the EJARI registration.  EJARI, which means “my rent” in Arabic is a system whereby a landlord and a tenant will register their rental agreement in the LAND Department. EJARI is a very important document that utility providers such as DEWA, Du and Etisalat will require a copy of before connecting the relevant services to your property.

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