Multi-employer in the UAE – Working for two employers at one time

Multi-employer in the UAE – Working for two employers at one time


Multi-employer in the UAE – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it possible to work for two employers at one time in the UAE?

A: Yes, the UAE Labour Law allows it to people who live in the UAE on work visa and family visa. Companies can recruit workers under part-time contracts.

Q: What are the conditions to do it?

A: The condition is having a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE).

Q: How to get a part-time work permit from MoHRE?

A: The application process must include the following documentation:

  1. A copy of both establishments’ trade licenses (the current establishment and the application applying establishment);
  2. A colour photograph with a white background of the worker;
  3. A copy of the worker’s passport;
  4. If academic qualification is required (post-secondary diploma, university degree or equivalent), a copy thereof duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be attached;
  5. A letter of approval issued by the competent authority shall be attached if so required (applicable to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and teachers);
  6. A copy of the employment contract;
  7. No objection certificate from the previous sponsor;
  8. A copy of the worker’s visa that includes the sponsor or establishment name, valid for more than 6 months.

Additionally, it is necessary to pay an application fee of AED 100 and an approval fee of AED 500.

Q: What is the difference in the terms and conditions for people on a work visa and for people on family visa?

A: For people on a work visa – UAE and other GCC Nationals, and other expatiate employees who live in the UAE on a work visa can take a second job, upon getting a part-time work permit from MoHRE. This permit shall be valid for 1 year.

Part-time work permit holders are allowed to work in another company at the same time as working in the current company on a part-time basis for less than 8 hours per day. 

For people on family visa –  They can take a second job after getting a part-time work permit with a non-objection certificate (NOC) from the sponsor. Such work permits can be issued to both men and women between 18 and 65 year.

Q: What are the advantages of this working system?

A: There are several advantages on this system:

  1. This system will improve the flexibility of the labour market and meet the needs of the employers from the existing labour market and, consequently, reduce dependence on labour being imported from outside the UAE;
  2. Under the new part-time contract, workers will put less than the usual eight hours a day or less than 48 hours per week and must receive a weekly rest of not less than one day;
  3. The “part-time contract” will reduce the operational costs of employers who recruit workers from inside the UAE.
  4. This system contributes to attracting and retaining the skills and expertise, therefore enhancing the productivity of the labour market in the country.

Q: May a part-time contract be converted into a regular contract?

A: A part-time contract may not be converted into a regular contract until after the end of the part-time employment contract, enabling each party to freely contract with the model it accepts.

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