New Beginnings – Advancement of Laws concerning Medical Assistance in Reproduction (MAR) in the UAE

New Beginnings – Advancement of Laws concerning Medical Assistance in Reproduction (MAR) in the UAE

Family Law – UAE and UK

Medical Assistance in Reproduction are advanced technologies (including IVF) to support couples with the conception of a child in cases such as infertility or genetic predispositions. In a further move towards ensuring the UAE as a Country where ex-pats can enhance their quality of life, promote their happiness and safeguard their fundamental rights, Federal Decree Law No. 17 of 2023 has been passed, amending some provisions of Federal Law No. 7 of 2019.

Broadly the provisions of the Decree consist of:

  • Recognition of all licenced Centres that facilitate MAR ;
  • Recognitions of various MAR techniques whilst providing the Local health Authorities power to add any new techniques taking into account the conditions and controls stipulated by the Law ;
  • Providing guidelines to the licenced Centres as to the conditions to assess the appropriate MAR technique and outlining prohibited practices ;
  • Providing guidelines in cases of unmarried ex-pat couples wherein the couple may apply to the concerned Health Authority with a request to use any approved MAR technique, provided that they submit an acknowledgment that the lineage of the newborn is attributed to either of them with a certificate approved by the competent authority in the Country to which either person is a national and whose nationality the child will acquire;

Outlining obligations of the employees of the licenced MAR Centres to include maintaining the confidentiality of data and information of beneficiaries of MAR techniques, in accordance with the Law.

The above information is a general overview of the new Decree. For specific information or advice in relation to any family matters and associated subjects, please contact our Family Department.

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