Our Team

Our Team

Dee Popat

Dee Popat

  • Head of Family Law Department
  • Solicitor/Senior Legal Consultant
Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Law Society of England & Wales
  • Family Law Specialist
  • Legal Affairs Department of Dubai


Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales (2003)

Legal Affairs Department of Dubai (2014)


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati

Membership of Social/Networking Groups

IBWG (International Business Women’s Group (Dubai))

Having recently been successfully guided through the UK Spouse Visa application process by Dee Popat at James Berry Law, I am pleased to provide this recommendation of her service.


My initial email enquiry to James Berry Law was promptly responded to, with a short fact-finding meeting taking place a few days later with Dee, at which time the visa application process was outlined. I was given an estimate of the time required, cost, required effort on my part, a broad outline of the process and likelihood of success. All these estimates proved to be very accurate.


Throughout the process Dee and her team anticipated the minor frustrations involved in the application process, were helpful, responsive and a pleasure to interact with; the result has been a feeling of personal attention.


Overall, the service produced the required result in minimum time – value for money.


Kerry Wilton


Kerry Wilton

Thank you Dee for your excellent service in achieving the positive result in respect of my spouse visa application to the UK.  I would anytime recommend you and give you 5 star for your guidance and advise.

With Much appreciation.  S Aromoohan 

S Aromoohan

I approached James Berry & Associates with a complicated personal matter - that of divorce. I was put in touch with Family Law Specialist and Senior Legal Counsel, Dee Popat, who immediately empathised with my situation, advised me accordingly, and provided the necessary guidance to navigate the UAE court system. Dee and her team were professional and attentive throughout the process. All aspects of my case were examined in detail and Dee's advice proved to be sound. Thank you to Dee and the James Berry team. 

RM-UAE Divorce client

Dee Popat is a most efficient and knowledgeable Solicitor when it comes to UK Immigration.  She was able to resolve a difficult situation correctly on the first occasion.   Dee is highly recommended by me.


Dee Popat represented me during my divorce proceedings.  She is extremely knowledgeable about both the UK and UAE matrimonial and family law.  Dee’s proactive and professional approach ensured that the proceedings were succinct and focused.  She was both supportive but also measured in the legal advice she gave, enabling me to make logical decisions within what was a very painful and upsetting experience.  Dee kept me updated on the progress of my case and didn’t recommend unnecessary steps.  She was a strong advocate in a round table discussion, ensuring my interests were paramount and was not phased by the tactics of the other advocate.


I highly recommend using James Berry & Associates notary services. I have visited their offices multiple times to get important documents certified. Every time my visits are seamless and handled with great professionalism by Dee and Irene. I always leave happy knowing that the process is made so easy for me!

Thanks again for all your help! R Holdgate


R Holdgate

Dear Dee,

I am now at the end of what is never a great time in life and that is a divorce. At the beginning I was lost how to react as obviously court correspondence is cold and a little intimidating. However thanks to you and your team you guided me through the process. Advising what I should and should not do, how to react to the demands of the system were so important to me as it removed a lot of stress from a stressful process. Your early guidance on the pit falls regarding costs and how to proceed were clearly highly important. You did bring a lot of comfort and a smile to my face when you dealt with the occasional tricky legal points with a clear professional reply quoting other legal precedents that stopped what looked like a major problem for me. Entering a law office is always a bit intimidating but Irene’s smile and offer of a cup of coffee always settled me quickly. Now I move on in life with new challenges ahead but with a clear path thanks to your amazing professional support. I wish you and the team all the very best for the future.

Finally thank you for the very professional work and support.


Best regards,


S.D- Divorce Client

I worked with Dee during 2014 for my divorce. For what is a stressful situation, I was given clear and professional advice, together with guidance on the various options available to me. This helped me to reach a speedy and satisfactory conclusion, with a minimum of stress.

Andy Gibbins

Thank you again Dee, you were fantastic throughout and your advice was spot on. I felt extremely comfortable with you and thank you for making the process simple enough for me to understand it all and quite unstressful. You guys were fantastic and the work you have put in, meritorious. This is easily evidenced by the outcome of the case.

John Z

Dear Dee

I want to thank you most sincerely for acting on my behalf and for the advice which led to me receiving a settlement which I am very happy with.  You and Irene helped me go through a very difficult process and come out the other end intact. I am so happy I came to you.

Once again thank you, to you and Irene for your professionalism and for your advice and for the satisfactory outcome for me.

Kind regards,



We asked Ms Popat to assist in organising our application for my wife’s UK spouse visa. We felt it would be a stressful process and wanted to have an experienced UK solicitor on our side to give us the best chance of obtaining the visa as quickly as possible.  Ms Popat was most diligent in organising and collating all the information we needed to submit, helped us complete the form, provided insight and advice regarding presenting information in the right way and importantly laid out the excellent organisation of our documents and additional pertinent information on a very clear covering letter. We feel her efforts were pivotal in our very swift and successful application. Highly recommended.”


Mr & Mrs P Smith

For a recently concluded Financial Dispute Resolution that Dee was handling, Counsel who was appointed said "Counsel is grateful for the instructions on this case and especially grateful that the Form E, Statement and preliminary documents were prepared to a high standard.

Raffia Arshad St Mary’s Chambers, Nottingham

Thank you for helping me out with this important matter and I could not be anything else than pleased with the result

AD – A PreNuptial client

A huge Thank You to Dee Popat for her level of care and professionalism in the handling of our UK immigration case.  From the first contact to the conclusion of our case, Dee was incredibly thorough with the large amounts of paperwork we had to provide, and we have nothing but praise and appreciation for the genuine care and patience Dee had for our many questions, and at times last minute requests!  We would not hesitate to recommend Dee, and James Berry Associates to anyone needing assistance with any aspect of UK Immigration and Family Law"  

Thank you again for all of your help Dee, and we will be in touch again in the coming weeks once I have wrapped up my job here, and have the time on my hands needed to get our relocation underway


Dear Dee, 

Thank you for your pleasant and professional reception. I will surely use your services again if required.

Attestation Client

During my divorce, I have turned to Dee for help, advice and assistance. Dee’s responsiveness, knowledge were extremely helpful during this challenging period. She kept me focussed and provided sound advice. Dee was always engaged when needed and was always super responsive to all the queries and questions I had about either the divorce process or the documentation. I always felt that my needs were addressed and attention given to me. I could not have wished for better support than the one I received from Dee. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody who needs professional input in such a tough time as a divorce.

UAE Divorce client

Dee, Thanks for your helpful and efficient assistance.


A client who required completing and witnessing of an international document

Dee Popat was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of preparing a prenup within a very short timeframe, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of support from a family law specialist in the UAE.

a Pre-Nup client
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    07 Jan 2020

    At James Berry & Associates, our family law experts who are qualified Legal Consultants / Solicitors can advise you in this difficult emotional situation. We provide sympathetic personal professional advice tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements. It is likely that you may have preconceived ideas as to what your rights and entitlements are and more often than not, may be misled by the people who you look to for support(although this may be unintentional). We offer specialist family law advice and support in ensuring you make informed decisions moving forward. We will look at your case and consider the most appropriate action for you to take in light of your circumstances. Although we are UK qualified Solicitors, we have a clear understanding of the processes in England, UAE and various other Countries.

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  • Muslim marriages and rights for women whose husbands have multiple wives.

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    UAE Islamic culture and law allow polygamy, giving a man the right to marry up to four wives contemporaneously, provided that he treats his wives fairly and does not differentiate between them. Click here to read more....

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    For marriages that take place outside UAE, as long as the marriage is valid in the Country you marry in and you obtain the official marriage certificate, it will be recognised by the UAE however there are a number of steps that you would need to comply with

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    When deciding the appropriate jurisdiction to divorce in, an influencing factor may be the potential outcomes following a divorce in either UAE or UK. The following is a very brief and simplified overview with regards to potential outcomes in terms of spousal maintenance / compensation in UAE and UK.

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    Previously in the event of a divorce, a wife sponsored by her husband had to either leave the country or obtain a residence visa in her own right*. In the case of a husband's death, the widow could stay in country until the expiry of her current residency visa.

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  • Dee understands the sensitive issues surrounding the breakdown of a marriage and the impact it can have on the couple and their children.  She applies her vast experience and knowledge to find a satisfactory way forward. She is a good, compassionate listener who realises the importance of allowing the client to vent and express their emotions during any family related process.   
    She crafts a personalised approach according to the needs of her clients.  She has successfully dealt with numerous cases, including situations where the spouse controls the family finances and is able to suggest solutions to enable her clients to find a resolution. She is passionate about her work and is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome with a view to avoid contention where possible.  Dee deals with clients of different nationalities and has a sound understanding of cultural issues that may arise in today's diverse societies and differing characteristics, expectations and needs of family units.
    Dee studied law at London Metropolitan University (formerly London Guildhall University) and started her legal career at a London based firm, becoming a specialist in Family Law. 
    Dee has gained extensive experience, having practised family and divorce law exclusively for over 15 years. She became a member of the Law Society’s (England & Wales) Family Law Panel in 2010.
    Dee deals with matrimonial matters (both in the jurisdiction of England & Wales and UAE), and specialises in various matters including : 
    • Family breakdown (divorce & separation) UAE and UK
    • Children matters (residence, contact, maintenance, abduction, injunctions and travel bans)
    • Financial issues upon breakdown of a marriage including high net worth cases and international elements
    • Obtaining of freezing injunctions for overseas assets (in the English Courts)
    • Marriage process and requirements in UAE
    • Islamic Marriage Contracts
    • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements
    • Statutory Declarations for and advice on International Adoption
    Dee also advises on various aspects of UK immigration law including:
    • Visit visas
    • Family visas
    • Student visas 
    • Investment visas
    • Nationality 
    • Leave to remain in the UK (including Indefinite leave to remain)
    • British Citizenship - obtaining or renouncing
    To read Dee's articles please click here.

    Dee is on the expert panel list for www.bridemeclub.com which is UAE’s premier online information resource, for UAE based brides-to-be and brides.

    Dee provides a fortnightly Matrimonial clinic at James Berry & Associates at API Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road.  If you or anyone that you know is experiencing family issues and require advice on the next step, please contact us at family@jamesberrylaw.ae. or call us on 043317552.




    • London Guildhall University (LL.B. (Hons) degree )
    • Thames Valley University (Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC))

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